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Snapshots and backups are copies of your server's disk.

You can create snapshots when you need them and keep them forever or until you decide to delete them. We  will store the snapshots even if you delete the server that the snapshot was taken of. We invoice for snapshots on a per gigabyte per month basis. 

Backups are nightly copies of your server's disk. Our system will automatically create them for every server that you have enabled them on. They are invoiced with a flat fee per server. Backups are bound to a single server and will automatically be deleted if you delete the server. For every server there are seven slots for backups. If all slots are full and you create an additional one, then the oldest backup will be deleted.

When creating snapshots or backups, we recommend that you power down your server to ensure data consistency on the disk. You may, however, also create them from a running system. In this case we will try to flush the disk caches of your operating system using Qemu Guest Agent before snapshotting. However in this case we cannot guarantee data consistency.

Important note: Snapshots and backups do not include any volumes which are attached to your server.

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